Saturday, 17 January 2015

Zap Your Spots in 4 Hours

I rarely have acnes on my face. But once it’s there, it really enjoys its stay on my face. It actually took a few weeks to go away. I have tried a few acne cream products, but they are usually not as effective as I want them to be. However, it is not my problem anymore since my eyes caught one of new addition of Simple product when I was strolling down the Watsons aisle, and that is Simple Spotless Skin Rapid Action Spot Zapper (that’s a really long name).

It promises to zap spots in just 4 hours. At first I was skeptical about this promise since I have never thought that such incredible product exists. I still bought it anyway because it has a roll-on applicator; quite convenient for someone who doesn’t like getting their hands sticky like me. Simple products are also known to be gentle for sensitive skin. I don’t have sensitive skin but it’s nice knowing that the product is safe even for those with sensitive skin. You get 15 ml of product in one tube. It might sounds so little but you actually just have to use a small amount of it on your spots, so one tube might last for quite some time. Unfortunately, I forgot the price since I bought it a couple months ago.

I tried it on my spots and it actually went better than my expectation. The applicator glides smoothly over my acne and the cream itself is clear and absorbed easily by my skin in just a minute. It doesn’t make my acne completely gone in 4 hours, but I notice they have got smaller and the redness was gone. I apply it twice a day, morning and night, and my acnes are gone in just one to two days. This product is especially effective if you apply it to a new acne.

Overall, I am impressed by this product. Even though it doesn’t exactly make my acnes disappear in 4 hours, but at least it makes them less noticeable and heal faster. 


  1. ooooo i like this product but you said down the 'watsons' aisle... lol where do you live? watsons only reminds me of HK, I don't really know where else it exists! Of course, you are not obliged to tell me where you live! I'm not a creep.. it's just the whole watsons thing lol :)

    Anyway, if you could, try freederm or elizabeth arden's eight hour cream skin protectant! They work pretty well too! Especially elizabeth arden's eight hour cream, it provides aftercare too and obviously you can put it on as a basic layer like if you have dry skin or spot scabs ad such :D but DO get the non-fragranced one! lol! The fragranced scent is very strong and also very odd! I'm used to it so I use any :D

    1. I live in Subang Jaya, Malaysia. I've seen one in Indonesia too. Lol, it's ok, I don't think you're a creep for that.
      Seems like such good products. Too bad I've never seen them in Malaysia or Indonesia, at least not in stores :(. We really need to step up our beauty game *sigh*

    2. omg malaysia! :D My dad's family is from malaysia too! :) Apparently the HK people can tell I have some sort of Malay chinese accent (lol) I don't know how though! Although I'm actually from Hainan or something (LOL) really.. these are the things asians go through all the time :P at least i do *sigh* Isn't it always HOT in Malaysia?

      Anyway, aww shame! They are really good products! I think you should be able to get Elizabeth Arden? It's a pretty well known brand, it could be pricey if you don't want to spend too much money though! Eeek! (You'll find loads of things online though! - worth a try!)

      Yes I should really start beauty reviews and such but I also want a camera~! I'm going to lose all my monies lol :L

    3. Oh cool! The accent here is quite strong. I'm from Indonesia but I think I might've picked up the accent lol. You're right, even when it's raining, it's still hot here. Wish we have four seasons *sigh*.

      I don't think I've seen that on stores either. Yeah, maybe I'll find something online, even though I'm not really sure about buying things online.

      If only we could grow money on trees right? Lol

    4. I believe does the best shipping rates for reasonable product prices :) Buying things online are a good way to go ;D

      IF ONLY WE COULD! growing money on trees... i would spend my entire life just nurturing this tree <3

    5. Thanks for the tip, will check it out later :)

      Nurturing the tree AND shopping ;)

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